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Timeslip Database

Here are the submitted timeslips of F4A33/W4A33 cars in order of ET. If you want to be added then please use the following form:
Timeslip Submission

NameVehicleTransmissionConverterEngineTurboN2O60FTET 1/8MPH 1/8ET 1/4MPH 1/4TimeslipVideoDensity AltitudeNotes
Jeffrey Bush1GW4A33 AWDJB Designs2.0 StandardFP 4580 T4 TwinscrollYes1.1924.802151.787.389187.94TimeslipVideo--J Bush Designs/ English Racing
Kevin Kwiatkowski1GF4A33 FWDPrecision2.0 StandardBorg Warner
Aaron Gregory1GW4A33 AWDPI Bradco hybrid2.0 StandardFP 4580Yes1.2824.962149.537.589182.8TimeslipVideo----
Trevor Holland1GW4A33 AWDSinister 72.0 StandardPTE 8385Yes1.3255.079147.967.743180.19TimeslipVideo--Leaving on 12PSI, 100 shot to 140MPH.
Deric Dupey1GW4A33 AWDPrecision2.0 StandardXona Rotor 62mmYes1.2885.431130.588.47158TimeslipVideo--Nitrous only go stall. Shuts off at 10psi
Deric Dupey1GW4A33 AWDSinister2.0 StandardFP 3586No1.315.72122.658.93146.72TimeslipVideo----
John Wood1GW4A33 AWDJB Designs2.0 StandardPrecision 6870 T4 TwinscrollYes1.5065.974123.439.148152.8TimeslipVideo--100 shot nitrous for spool only.
Scott Frazho1GW4A33 AWDSinister C22.0 StandardS363Yes1.4886.183115.279.585143.96TimeslipVideo87650 wet shot from stall to 50mph. 3000lb race weight.
Ben-Stian HalandEvo 2W4A33 AWDPrecision 72.3 StrokerBW EFR 8374 T3 IWGNo1.496.221169.641142Timeslip------
Nate Crisman1GW4A33 AWDIPT 1G Restall2.0 StandardFP Black 59mm50dry for stall only1.4466.237111.799.713141.12TimeslipVideo--50dry nitrous - off at 20psi - stall only.
LinkEcu VR4+, E98, 3050lb total weight.
Brian Lempke1GW4A33 AWDSinister 8 inch2.0 StandardPTE 6266 t3Yes1.6436.429115.099.84143.51TimeslipVideo--50 shot to stage
Joe Drews2GW4A33 AWDPrecision2.0 Standard6262 mitsu bolt on housingYes stall and downtrack1.56.391119.89140TimeslipVideo--35 shot to stall quicker, 50 shot downtrack because its slow.
Steve Groft1GW4A33 AWDBradco2.0 StandardHX40 batmowheelNo1.6516.528111.0710.05139.26TimeslipVideo150033psi “medium boost”
Michael Suchomski2GW4A33 AWDPrecision2.3 StrokerFP BlackYes1.5146.512107.7710.146134.81Timeslip----50 shot shuts off at 15psi
Chris Mammel2GW4A33 AWDPI 72.3 StrokerBillet HX40No1.546.53110.4610.19133.81TimeslipVideo--3050lb race weight

275 NT05r’s

Foot braking, leaving at 4500rpm and 17ish psi
TIm Jilg2GF4A33 FWDstock2.0 StandardEvo 3 16gno1.6766.99799.3610.884125.3Timeslip------
Tyler Maggart2GW4A33 AWDPrecision 72.0 StandardFp hta37941251.5516.754103.0810.888103.26Timeslip----Only ran out the 1/8 mile
josh felts1GW4A33 AWDsinister c22.0 Standardhx40 60mm 8bladeno1.5666.994100.3410.898125.67Timeslip----car was on gate pressure shaking the car down. first time with the car at the track since being built.
Jim Hutte1GF4A33 FWDIpt Restall2.0 StandardHta68 Gen1No1.687.1198.9211.035124.29Timeslip----Timing retard on stall up via brake switch
EfiSpecialties TCU
Jesse Emmerich2GW4A33 AWDStock2.4 StrokerFP GreenNo1.7377.62392.311.87115.28Timeslip----Custom twist throttle hand controls, Dynatek 2 step@3000rpm, e85, street tires.
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