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Welcome to the F4A33/W4A33 Information Wiki

w4a33.com_images_w4a33.jpg Welcome to the DSM automatic transmission information database. This is to retain and archive of information so it doesnt become lost. All information on this platform is fragmented across the internet. You will notice there is information here in some parts that have non auto information. This is for those digging through parts that need to ID the part they have or are looking at even if its not automatic. The purpose of this site is to bring all of the information to one place. Please link to this and use it as a resource as that is what it's for. If you feel something is incorrect or have a suggestion or have an idea for something to be added then please send an email to

Use the following list of general categories to find what you need. Or, try the search button.

  • Auto Swap - The article for swapping your car to automatic from manual.
  • Auto Parts Identification - The article for identifying auto parts.
  • Transmission - This is the main article outlining the transmission & aftermarket.
  • Torque Converter - This is the main article outlining the Torque Converter.
  • Transfer Case - This is the main article outlining the transfer case & aftermarket.
  • Rear Differential - This is the main article outlining the rear differential & aftermarket.
  • Driveshaft & Axles - In depth information on the driveshaft and axles.
  • TCU - Article on the Mitsubishi OEM TCU.n.
  • Wiring - Article on the wiring details of this drivetrain.
  • Transmission Cooling - Everything about F4A33/W4A33 cooling.
  • Transmission Datalogging - Everything about F4A33/W4A33 datalogging.
  • Shifters - Shifters and other options.
  • Launch Strategy - Article explaining strategies, techniques, and tips for launching.
  • Upgrade Path - Article explaining upgrades, upgrade paths, and limitations.
  • Downloads - Service manuals and other downloads.
  • Cars For Sale - F4A33/W4A33 Automatic Cars for sale.
  • Timeslip Database - A list of the times from F4A33/W4A33 vehicles.
  • Timeslip Submission - Submit your personal timeslip to be added to the database.
  • Advertise - Want to advertise with us? Check this link out.
  • Thanks - This is a page where i thank those who helped me directly with this website.
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