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Transmission Fluid and Fluid Filtration

Transmission Fluid Capacity

The auto transmissions hold a good amount of fluid. It will vary depending on the situation. If the trans and converter are dry it will take more. If your draining the pan and refilling it will of course be less. So please take that into consideration. All figures here are dry converter and dry transmission.

Fluid Capacity
Fill Trans Capacity
Service Fill All(1G/2G/FWD/AWD) 4.7 Quarts
Total Fill All(1G/2G/FWD/AWD) 7.1 Quarts

Transmission Fluid

A high film strength fluid is needed to keep the gears alive in these transmissions. It should also have very good high temperature breakdown resistance. Many have had good luck with both John Deere Hy-Gard universal tractor fluid and Redline Racing ATF.

It is also worth noting that if your trying to get a little bit more stall RPM without changing converter you can use a thinner fluid to achieve that. Thinner option for the Hygard would be the low viscosity option. Most other fluids have weights.

Transmission Fluid Level

The fluid level should be checked when the engine tempurature gauge indicates a normal warmed up condition and the fluid in the transaxle is heated to its normal operating tempurature. Operation with an improper fluid level will greatly reduce the life of the transaxle and of the fluid.

With the parking brake engaged and the engine idling, select each gear momentarily, ending with the selector lever in the “N” (Neutral) position. The fluid level should be at the FULL mark, but never above the FULL mark when the engine is at its normal warmed up condition. Add or drain as necessary to bring the fluid to this prescribed level. Make certain that the dipstick cap is reseated properly to prevent dirt and water from entering the transaxle after checking or replenishing the fluid.

The wire transmission dipstick can be really hard to read the first time. The problem with this is that the dipstick gets residual fluid from the dipstick tube after running a bunch of fluid down it. Also, make SURE to use Neutral for checking the level. Park can read 3 quarts over-full.

NOTE: Check for a drip on the end of the dipstick when refilling. Not just ATF residue on it.

Transmission Fluid Filtration

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Transmission Fluid Cooling

Main article: Transmission Cooling

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