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 +====== Kiggly Blue Wire Mod ======
 +DSM auto wiring for full manual control and full line pressure shifts. Gear selection is controlled entirely by lever position and the 4th gear switch is only active with the lever in 3rd gear position. This works great with a ratchet-action shift lever. ​
 +^Shift Selector^
 +^Wire Color      ^ What it goes to      ^
 +| Blue | connect to 12v Source |
 +| Yellow w/ Red Stripe | 1st Gear Position |
 +| Yellow w/ Black Stripe | 2nd Gear Position |
 +| Yellow | 3rd Gear Position |
 +| Black w/ White Stripe| Neutral Safety switch so it only starts in P and N |
 +^Wire Color      ^ What it goes to      ^
 +| Orange | SCSV Solenoid A |
 +| Yellow | SCSV Solenoid B |
 +The blue wire is the input, which feeds to the various yellow wires when in gear positions. ​ It feeds the yellow with red stripe in 1st gear, the yellow with black stripe in 2nd gear, and the plain yellow wire in 3rd gear.  The heavier gauge black wires with the white and yellow stripe are the neutral safety switch. ​ They make contact when the lever is in the park or neutral position and disable starting by breaking this contact when the lever is in other positions.(([[https://​​auto_shifter_wiring|Kiggly Racing]]))
 +{{ http://​​images/​kigglybluewire.JPG?​686x300 }}
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