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MMC Manuals

This is a manual for the F4A33 & W4A33 from MMC(Mitsubishi Motors Corporation). It gives you lots of detailed information but there is some information the ATSG has this doesnt have. This is a PDF containing 148 pages.

90-91 1G AT Factory Service Manual Download: Click

90-91 1G AT Technical Service Manaul Download: Click

2G AT FSM Download: Click

Transmission Overhaul Manual Download: Click

ATSG Manual

w4a33.com_images_atsg.jpg This is the ATSG(Automatic Transmission Service Group) F4A33/W4A33 service and repair manual. This manual has some information the MMC manual doesnt and also has a little bit on transfer cases. This is a PDF containing 120 pages.

Download: Click

Online Caps

This one works well.

Old CAPS Program

w4a33.com_images_mitsasa.jpg This is the Original parts lookup system mitsubishi used during the production of these cars. You can lookup cars by VIN, or by model and trim and look at illustrations and part numbers as well as cross reference parts with other cars. This REQUIRES 32 bit version of windows. If you have 64 bit then this will not work.

Download: Click

New CAPS Program

w4a33.com_images_mitscaps.jpg This is the current rendition of CAPS. Its called Mitsubishi ASA(Aftersales Support Application). This version likely has updated part numbers and information. It is recommended this be used over WinCAPS for its compatability, easier to use, and more information.

Download Japan Version: Click

North America version coming soon.

Kiggly Racing Shootout Presentation

This is the presentation that Kiggly gave at the 2014 and 2015 shootout about the automatic transmissions.

Download: Click

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