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 +====== Advertising Information ======
 +If you are wanting to advertise on this site i would like to let you know that there are guidelines that must be followed. I feel that this is best way for this website to give back to those companies who support our platform.
 +  - You must in some way shape or form be supporting the community or progressing these automatic transmissions or parts.
 +  - You must have a legitimate business with business license. (This can be waived at my discretion.)
 +What that means is you must be offering a service or product that applies to the F4A33/W4A33 automatic transmissions and/or its components. This guideline is strictly enforced. ​
 +However if you meet this then advertising to you is free of charge.
 +To advertise we need a banner of your choosing sent to us along with the URL that the banner needs to link to
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